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Running your wellness program and looking for ways to

Boost participation, Avoid admin road bumps, and Keep folks engaged? 

 Let Go Interactive Wellness help get you where you want to be. 


GO! Lite GO offers a two-tiered pricing structure to meet client’s broad-ranging needs. If you need help here and there on a challenge-by-challenge basis, then GO! Litely is for you. 

Single Challenge Support

GO! All-In  For those clients who want to build a cohesive wellness program that meets group and individual health and wellness needs, then GO All Out. Newly offered in 2014, based on clients desire to have a cohesive wellness program combining group challenges with individual challenges that help clients target their specific health goals. The full program includes:

√ Quarterly challenges √ Individual mini-challenges (e.g., smoking cessation, weight loss, know your numbers, personal goals, etc.), √ accessible year-long √ Website revamp to incorporate full program elements √ Seamless support for all wellness site efforts

Contact and lets get GOing with your program today.