Your companies needs are unique. Let us support YOU exactly the way that works best. 

Two Options & Custom Approaches

GO! Lite 

GO offers a two-tiered pricing structure to meet client’s broad-ranging needs. If you need help here and there on a challenge-by-challenge basis, then GO! Litely is for you. 

Single Challenge Support

 Single Challenge Support

GO! All-In  

For those clients who want to build a cohesive wellness program that meets group and individual health and wellness needs, then GO All Out. Newly offered in 2014, based on clients desire to have a cohesive wellness program combining group challenges with individual challenges that help clients target their specific health goals. The full program includes:

√ Quarterly Challenges

√ Individual Mini-Challenges (e.g., smoking cessation, weight loss, know your numbers, personal goals, etc.)

√ Accessible Year-Long

√ Website revamp to incorporate full program elements

 Seamless support for all wellness site efforts

Contact and lets get GOing with your program today.