About the GO team.


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Lyn Tally 

Originally from Columbia, SC, Lyn currently resides in North Charleston, SC. After leaving a professional ballet career with Boston Ballet in 2002, she attended the College of Charleston and later became a certified yoga teacher at the 200 hour level. She recently became a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist and Group Facilitator, taking on additional 1100 hours in training, in an effort to evolve her practice and expand her horizon for helping others to create change. 

Finding Go Interactive Wellness fiver years ago, Lyn supports corporate wellness programs at the local and national levels. She combines years of knowledge developing corporate and community wellness challenges with her partnership with CoreHealth Technologies and its wellness clients. She currently resides in Charleston SC and has become a beloved member of their wellness community.  

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MK Yeargin 

MK Yeargin, also originally from Columbia, SC, currently resides in Arlington, VA.  After completing her Masters in Psychology at Catholic University, she took time to be a stay-at-home parent to her two children.  She brings a strong background in psychology and understands how to build corporate wellness programs that help people develop and maintain healthy habits. She develops copy for all of the Go Interactive Wellness challenges and helps customize according to individual client priorities. 

MK has worked in the public and nonprofit sectors for over a decade, working administratively in the South Carolina Governor's Commission on Women and as a grant writer for institutes and nonprofits in Washington, DC.  She currently volunteers for various Arlington organizations and serves as the co-chair of the Community Services Committee on the Mothers of North Arlington Board of Directors.