Here’s a sneak peek of challenge options. Be sure to ask us about customizing a challenge for you.

Select Your Challenge Style.

All of the challenges can be set-up in a Challenge Style. Have a look at the variety you can choose from. 

> Basic Step Challenge

One of the best ways to get employees accustomed to using your company’s online wellness platform is through a basic step challenge.  These 4-, 6- or 8-week challenges encourage increased physical activity and help employees get into the habit of tracking their steps or activity minutes on a daily basis.

Basic Step Challenge Highlights:

  •  Team or Individual based
  •  Promotes daily physical activity
  •  Introduces mywellsite features 

> Activity Challenge Using Trackers

The Go Interactive Challenge approach is to make challenges Simple, Targeted, and Fun.  With a tracker challenge, you can tailor the activities to the critical target areas identified by you and your wellness professionals.  These challenges are a great way to get your employees focused on building healthier habits.

Tracker Challenge Highlights:

  •  Easy to navigate
  •  Supports various wellness activities
  •  Fun for everyone

Tell us your goals, and we will do the rest.  We build your challenge to suit your company’s needs.  

> Wellness Challenges

Whatever your wellness goals — from stress management skills to work-life integration and beyond — we’ve got you covered.  Want a Corehealth Template challenge?  Done.  Interested in building a challenge from a wellness workshop or webinar your employees recently attended?  No problem.  Our professionals know how to handle them all.

Wellness Challenge Highlights:

  •  Flexible to meet your needs
  •  Develop needed wellness skills
  •  Interactive, fun and informative.

Let our wellness challenges get your employees where they want to be.

> Nutrition Challenges

If there is a marriage in the health and wellness world, it is between physical activity and nutrition.  The two go in tandem, and often lasting health and wellness shifts do not last unless you address both.  Go Interactive Wellness understands this link, so we support nutrition challenges.  Often, the most critical time for these is around the holidays, when even the most dedicated employees find temptation too hard to resist.  

Nutrition Challenge Highlights:

  •  Track weight loss/maintenance, healthy eating, or both.
  • Tips and strategies for healthy eating
  •  Recipes and shopping hints

Learning better nutrition habits can be fun and painless.  Let us show you how.

> Blended & Custom Challenges

Sometimes the best way to get people where they want to go is to help them track multiple health and wellness behaviors at once.  With our blended challenges, you give your employees an easy, fun way to build their healthier lives.

Blended Challenge Highlights:

  •  Select your specific targets
  •  Customized trackers for easy use
  • Comprehensive, yet simple

Make your mywellsite work for your employees.  Let us help you build the challenges that make the most sense for your culture and maximize your wellness plan dollars.


Get Inspired!

View our Challenge Catalogue below. 

Walk to Your Virtual Vacation

Best Challenge Style Option  - Basic Step Challenge or Activity Challenge

Goal: Maintain or increase activity to find your way to a surprise destination. 




FUnner Summer

Best Challenge Style Option  -  Activity Challenge using Trackers

Goal: Increase 

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